Lending of CD, DVD, eBook Reader and the Internet

Price list

Registration (This does not apply to those already registered in the department for adults)

for one year
for seniors, students, ISIC and ITIC card holders
Issue a card

240,- CZK
140,- CZK
+ 10 CZK 


for registered readers
for unregistered readers 10 min.
for unregistered readers + 30 min.

free of charge
free of charge
15,- CZK

Computer print out 

3,- CZK / side A4 

Lending of e-Book Reader 

for registered readers

free of charge 

Work on the Hardware 

for example scan 

5,- CZK / side 

Lending of CD, DVD 

registration necessary, max. 3 items for a loan 

free of charge 

Listening CD 

unregistered readers
registered readers 

10,- CZK / 1 hour
free of charge 

Penalty charges

Damage of a barcode

10,- CZK

Loss / Damage of a card

10,- CZK

Loss / Damage of CD, DVD

price of an item + 100,-

Loss / Damage of a box CD, DVD

price of a photocopy of a wrap + 10,-

price of a box + 10,-

Late return 

3,- CZK / 1 day for each CD, DVD etc.

1st reminder (over 1 day, e-mail)

2nd reminder (over 7 days, e-mail)

3rd reminder (over 14 days, per e-mail / mail)

x / according to the price list of CP 

Late return of eBook Reader

20,- CZK / 1 day

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