Lending of CD, DVD, eBook Reader and the Internet

Price list

Registration only for this Department 


80,- CZK 


for registered readers
for unregistered readers 10 min.
for unregistered readers + 30 min.

free of charge
free of charge
15,- CZK

Computer print out 

3,- CZK / side A4 

Lending of e-Book Reader 

for registered readers

free of charge 

Work on the Hardware 

for example scan 

5,- CZK / side 

Lending of CD, DVD 

registration necessary, max. 3 items for a loan 

free of charge 

Listening CD 

unregistered readers
registered readers 

10,- CZK / 1 hour
free of charge 

Penalty charges

Damage of a barcode

10,- CZK

Loss / Damage of a card

10,- CZK

Loss / Damage of CD, DVD

price of an item + 100,-

Loss / Damage of a box CD, DVD

price of a photocopy of a wrap + 10,-

price of a box + 10,-

Late return 

3,- CZK / 1 day for each CD, DVD etc.

1st reminder (over 1 day, e-mail)

2nd reminder (over 7 days, e-mail)

3rd reminder (over 14 days, per e-mail / mail)

x / according to the price list of CP 

Late return of eBook Reader

20,- CZK / 1 day

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